TTE’s training provides cost-effective training for professionals in schools and other organisations responsible for children’s welfare.

Since 2011, our subject-specific experts have trained over 4,000 professionals across a range of specialisms, including:

  • substance misuse
  • mental and emotional health
  • sexual health
  • CSE
  • safeguarding

Our training delivers improvements in skills, confidence and competency for teachers and other professionals responsible for the education and welfare of young people.

Minimal time-out from the day-to-day

We recognise that undertaking training can be disruptive for professionals and expensive for organisations, so we offer convenient delivery options (such as twilight sessions) which save you time and money.

Training outside usual working hours reduces the need to back-fill teaching or other day-to-day commitments, and enables a large number of staff to be trained simultaneously.

Manageable costs

All of our programmes are priced to be highly cost-effective, as we appreciate the pressures on your budget. Offering twilight sessions allows schools and other organisations to collaborate on this essential training, sharing the investment across several budget centres and minimising the cost per staff member.

An easy way to ensure compliance

We understand that, as a headteacher, business manager or other budget-holder, you are under pressure to comply with statutory government regulations designed to ensure that staff are able to identify and refer children at risk. Our training programmes are specifically designed to enable your staff to meet these demands. We effectively train all professionals working with young people, from teachers and pastoral care leads, to school nurses or social workers, giving them the skills and confidence they need to make effective referrals.

Give your staff the confidence to make a difference to children’s lives

Our programmes are skills-based, and deliver your staff an effective toolkit of skills, along with the competency and confidence to support young people and improve outcomes. Unlike some training programmes – which deliver information and knowledge, but little practical benefit – ours deliver genuine up-skilling for your staff.