programme design and delivery

TTE’s award-winning programmes are designed to change behaviour and improve lives for young people, and are driven by the latest evidence, policy and best-practice.

quality training for professionals

TTE provides cost- effective, confidence-building training and skills development for professionals in schools and other organizations across the UK public sector.

surveys, research and evaluation

TTE designs and delivers surveys and consultations for local authorities and organisations across the UK, giving insights into public health needs.

specialist consultancy cervices

Specialists in developing programmes and training to public sector, private sector,schools and third sector organisations, providing a full range of consultancy services.

welcome to tte

TTE is one of the UK’s leading providers of health-based interventions for children and young people. We work with schools and local authorities across the UK to deliver a range of high quality programmes designed to improve outcomes for young people by helping them to deal with:


Substance abuse


Mental and emotional health




Sexual health

award-winning programmes

our clients

success stories

West Oxfordshire Schools

TTE co-ordinates drugs Focus Fortnight to deliver drugs awareness education.

Derbyshire County Council

TTE delivers county-wide emotional health and well-being surveys for Derbyshire’s young people.

Lord Williams’ School

TTE works with school to update PSHE and drug education programmes.

St Martins’ School

Healthy Schools Enhancement initiative enables kids to benefit from TTE’s award-winning Risk-Avert programme.

Stanway School

TTE’s award-winning Risk-Avert programme helps 45 ‘at risk’ children learn how to identify and manage risk.