TTE designs and delivers bespoke surveys across the UK, both for our own projects and for local authorities, schools and other organisations responsible for young people’s welfare.

What do you want to know?

We design each survey from scratch, based on what you need to know about the issues affecting the young people in your care. So a survey can be small or large scale, and will be linked directly to outcomes, enabling you to pinpoint exactly what needs to be addressed in order to improve young people’s lives.

The high engagement levels with our previous surveys prove our track record. In recent surveys over 65% of our target audiences engaged positively, providing valuable data to inform programmes and staff training needs.

Dedicated resource

Following a survey, we can provide all the resources you need to achieve positive outcomes linked to the results, from evaluation to consultancy, to programme design and delivery. We can also train your staff, providing them with the skills and confidence necessary to achieve direct, positive outcomes for the young people they are responsible for.

Our evaluation services are sophisticated and we have extensive experience of dealing with population-level data. Working in partnership with researchers at leading universities, we deliver deep level analysis, giving you real insights into issues and necessary outcomes.

You will have the confidence of dealing with a named contact, fully informed about your area and needs.

Our track record

During the 2017/18 academic year, over 3,714 young people in Derbyshire completed My Life, My View, our emotional health and wellbeing survey developed for Derbyshire County Council. We now have a four year contract to deliver emotional health and well-being surveys in the county’s schools. We are currently collaborating with the University of Bath to conduct deep analysis of the My Life, My View data, with a view to publication in a peer-reviewed journal.